Drop/ Pick & Learn

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Rs. 25,000.00


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If you are an event organiser and are looking forward to reach to your audience in an interesting manner, then you must opt for Tagbin's Drop/Pick & Learn service. It is nothing but a customised solution for events who want to showcase the relevant information of any product on the display. The visitor can pick up the product from a predefined place and immediately proximity sensor will detect the vacant space and will trigger the product information on the screen. How does this help you? Well, it reduces human efforts to a great extent and describes the product information to your visitors without any roadblocks. Looking to save your time? Go for this one.


Drop/ Pick & Learn comes in handy at events where you as an event organiser or manager want to share customised information about your product while saving all the time. Therefore, it is a great tech solution for corporate events, product launches, gaming, trade shows, auto expos, exhibitions, art galleries, retail and technology events.