RFID/QR Registration

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Gone are those days when there used to be a pen and a paper registration at events. Now, in order to save time and also to do a bit show-off, new technology has taken over to help people like you. Presenting the hassle-free RFID and QR code technology to share the workload pressure with you. You can use this technology to register the data of the attendees.RFID and QR Technology can also be used for the easy entrance access of the visitors at the venue by scanning the codes. The enhancing real-world promotions in music, film and brand marketing is among the best applications of this technology. QR codes can facilitate said interaction not only by promoting events but by also giving something back to those who attend them. RFID and QR code technology can save a lot of your time and yield a seamless experience to the users.


Go for a hassle-free registration process of your visitors or clients at your event with the help of RFID/QR Technology. It also comes in handy if you want to mark the attendees. Hence, this technology is highly recommended in any small gathering or to mark the attendance in universities or colleges. RFID/QR Technology also comes in handy when organising a coporate event or making a guest list for a private party.